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The Business Model Gallery is here to inspire you, your team and your organization. Whether you are looking for detailed information on a particular business model, competitive analysis, want to learn about the business models in your or any other industry or find inspiration for your own business model, the Business Model Gallery provides easy access to well researched descriptions of traditional and innovative business models.



Continuous development

We are continuously adding features and we will gradually put more and more business models live, as well as add new ones.  We will also further enhance the descriptions of published business models as data becomes available to offer you the best and most up-to-date quality possible. If you have any comments feel free to reach us through the feedback feature you find on the left of your screen or contact us at

The Business Models

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Business Model Building Blocks

Simple visualization of the business model building blocks using the Business Model Canvas, the world’s best-known tool for describing business models. Color coding for better overview.

Company Information

See important background information about the company at a glance.

Description and Similar Models

Detailed in-depth background information and comments on the business model. Quick access to similar business models.

The Features

How to use the business model gallery.

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Filter the business models by company type, industry, special topics and business model design themes (exclusive PRO feature).


Compare business models and learn about the similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses.


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