Why the Business Model Gallery?

Business Model Canvas Gallery

Rooted in Practical Experience & Academic Research.

Our experience working with leadership teams around the world and our research at Zeppelin University and Manchester Business School, as well as other academic research has shown that examples, case studies and patterns of business models from other companies and industries are the most important source of inspiration for innovating and reinventing your own business model.

To provide such a source of inspiration and enhance business model design and innovation, we have developed a database on business models:


The Business Model Gallery Team

Business Model Canvas Gallery

Dr. Marc Sniukas

Co-Founder and Corporate Entrepreneurship Expert

Learn more about Marc at www.sniukas.com or email him at marc@businessmodelgallery.com.

Business Model Canvas Gallery

Dr. Georg Stampfl

Co-Founder and Start-Up Expert

Learn more about Georg here or email him at georg@businessmodelgallery.com.

Business Model Canvas Gallery

Stefan Natter

Growth Hacker

Learn more about Stefan here or email him at stefan@businessmodelgallery.com